Staff shortage hinders energy transition |  BNR News Radio

Staff shortage hinders energy transition | BNR News Radio

The significant shortage of technical personnel makes it difficult to make the energy transition in the Netherlands possible. Never before have there been so many vacancies for technicians. So both business and education must make a fundamental change, believes Theo Henrar, president of the entrepreneurial organization FME. “You can wish for anything with the energy transition, but it would fail completely without staff.”

“There is an acute shortage of technical people to solve social challenges, such as the energy transition and housing shortages,” says Henrar. According to Henrar, not much has changed in recent years due to staff shortages. “That deficit has now risen to 96,000, which is double what it was five years ago.”

radical change

According to Henrar, the education system needs revision, but education alone is not enough. Art moves so fast that you cannot ask teachers to master the latest state of the art. So there needs to be much more collaboration with companies in business schools and on platforms, so that every student in elementary education and at least science education comes into contact with that science.

The government will also have to provide funds to fund technical training in MBO structurally, says Henrar. A constant number of technical studies are truly outdated. There has to be a structural change in this. If you’re always like this, you’ll keep getting stuck and won’t change anything.


“The point is that the sector is very attractive,” says Henrar. We pay well above average, you have a chance of getting a permanent contract. This is not always the case in other sectors. So companies will have to approach this in a different way. Companies are also willing to take some responsibility for this themselves. It must become a public-private community.


If the government doesn’t change anything, you can do anything with the energy transition, but it will fail completely without employees. It is a shame that we actually followed the car, which we were clearly warned about. FME initiated a petition with the FNV employee union. “I hope action is taken now. The new cabinet will have to carry out a radical reform of education, otherwise they will be completely stranded,” says Henrar.

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