Stadia Chromecast Ultra may get better support for third-party controllers – picture and sound – news

Google will soon make it easy to play with third-party consoles on Stadia with Chromecast Ultra. This is already possible with Tandem Mode, but owning a Stadia controller is still mandatory.

In the Existing Tandem mode Players who play Stadia on Chromecast Ultra can connect their third-party console to their Stadia console via USB. Although you don’t directly use the Stadia console to run, it is still required.

9to5Google I found references to the New one Bridge laying Where you can put your phone. In it, your phone can also function as a controller, with the buttons appearing on the touch screen. As an extension of this, it is also possible to connect an external console to the phone, which is then inserted into the Stadia. It is unclear if the console needs to be connected to the phone via a USB cable or whether a bluetooth connection is also sufficient.

There are job references in a currently available version of the app, but the functionality is not yet functional. In addition to this feature, there’s also talk of your phone’s Stadia volume control, integration with Google Contacts to find your fellow players and a shortcut to activate Screen reader, Which reads a blind text.

Google Stadia is not yet available for the latest Chromecast equipped with Google TV. It is possible to transfer .apk to the new Chromecast and install it there. 9to5Google already found it in April References To support Google TV in the Stadia app.

Image: Google Stadia via 9to5Google

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