Spotify has a useful new feature: This is how the mini player works

Spotify has a useful new feature: This is how the mini player works

Spotify is rolling out a new feature for users who listen to the streaming service on their computers. From now on, they can control music more easily on their laptop or desktop via a new mini player.

Until now, if you wanted a little player on your screen to quickly change songs, you needed third-party apps to do it. Spotify believes it's time to address this and now has the functionality in its desktop app Built-in. This follows Apple Music, which has had such a mini player for some time.

Two types of young players

Then there are two options regarding younger players. The first option is to use a square display that floats on your screen on which you can also view audio and video clips Music videos can watch. If you think this takes up too much space, you can also choose a very small bar, where you can just pause or skip to the next song.

Here you will find it

If you want to try this feature, you can find it almost at the bottom right of the app.

You'll need a premium account for this for now. It may take some time before the new functionality is also found in your app, because the rollout is done in phases.

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