Diana's boyfriend broke up with her, but continued texting 'as aftercare'

Diana's boyfriend broke up with her, but continued texting 'as aftercare'

Unexpected break

“Rene and I had been together for over five years, forming a blended family with our children. We each had our own house and tried to be together as much as possible: at first mainly on weekends, then increasingly during the week. We ended up living together Practically speaking, we enjoyed days and weekends as a family, and sometimes I would return to my house so Rene could give his full attention to his children – who were much younger than me.

A few months ago, Rene indicated that he wanted to end the relationship – given the circumstances in which he was seeing the children often and noticed that he was finding it difficult to give me and them his full attention. He wanted to put children first. I understood that choice, but it was surprising: there was no pause or anything, it just made it permanent right away.

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Keep texting

“Less than a week later he started texting. When asked how I was doing, it seemed like some sort of 'aftercare'. Maybe to buy guilt? I don't know. After that first time I texted every two weeks, I didn't text him anything.” On my initiative. He showed pictures of new purchases, or told us how his rabbits – which we had previously – were doing. It was twofold for me: I not only liked the fact that he had not forgotten me, but on the other hand I found it difficult. He ended the relationship, it was over I didn't need periodic updates about his life.

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I watched it for a while, but eventually decided to let them know via a nice app that I wasn't really looking forward to this. She sent: “Hi Renee, it's good that you're thinking of me.” But for me, it's better to move on and not contact anymore. I wish you all the best for the future, regards, Diana. “Sorry then,” he replied succinctly, just as he was. Good luck in everything. Regards, Rene.

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