Sports Doctors Warn 'Don't Exercise When You're Sick'

Sports Doctors Warn ‘Don’t Exercise When You’re Sick’

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The SKA Association of Sports Physicians and Exams warns athletes not to exercise when they are sick or have been sick, due to the coronavirus or other injuries. The reason for the warning was the cardiac arrest of Italian cyclist Sonny Colbrelli during the Tour of Catalonia.

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SKA will not comment on what happened to Colbrelli. Meanwhile, his team announced that the cyclist was suffering from a heart arrhythmia. Sports doctors have said that COVID-19, like the flu, colds and many other viral illnesses, can affect the heart, which can lead to serious consequences such as irregular heartbeat or even cardiac arrest. Also, in the long term, inflammation (myocarditis or pericarditis) can cause problems through scarring of the heart.

SKA notes that panic is not necessary, but that athletes should exercise caution. Therefore, the association makes a number of recommendations. For example, you should never exercise if you have a fever. After that, it is best to wait several days before exercising as the number of days you have had a fever. No one with COVID-19 is allowed to exercise for at least ten days. If you still have complaints after those 10 days or if the complaints come back during exercise, it is best to contact your doctor. Finally, it is important to rebuild sports after illness.

However, sports doctors stress the importance of sports. They concluded, “Exercise is clearly the best way to live a long and healthy life, be more resistant to infection and not get very sick if you do become infected.”

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