South America's air ban extended, but why more flights to Shipol?

South America’s air ban extended, but why more flights to Shipol?

Outgoing Infrastructure Minister Cora von Nieuwen Hussein has renewed the embargo on Central and South American and South African countries. The Cabinet hopes to slow the spread of dangerous corona species in the Netherlands by extending the ban on passenger flights until May 1. Nevertheless, planes – with passengers – land in Shipole every day from those areas. How can an air ban be? N.H. News found it.

By the flight reporter Doran Saget

Nine passenger planes from Central and South America and South Africa land in Schiphol today, despite a flight ban. In addition, five cargo planes arrive from Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Bogota and Santiago.

Fourteen flights from nine high-risk countries in a single day, it’s not a ban, is it?

The Dutch government wants to limit the spread of all mutations of the corona virus as much as possible, but does not limit its own population. That is why it is possible for travelers with Dutch passports to travel to Shipole from countries where there is a ban on flights. This exception applies to medical personnel, sailors and crew. The embargo does not apply to cargo flights.

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Are those planes full of irresponsible tourists returning to the Netherlands?

According to Mike Hoffman, spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marrakesh, the number of flights departing from high-risk countries varies greatly. There are “sometimes 100, sometimes 10”, but Hoffman had no idea they were tourists. They are mainly relocated travelers – the exception applies to this too – Dutch people who sometimes live abroad, but still want to come back. Since two negative corona test results are in their pocket they are welcome to ship and return to the Netherlands.

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Does Marrakesh stop many passengers who want to enter the Netherlands in defiance of the ban?

Last week, the Royal Netherlands detained 40 passengers who were not allowed to enter the Marachessi Netherlands. But according to Hoffman, none of them were South Americans or South Africans. These have already been denied by the airline in the country of departure. Airlines are paying more attention to this as they are responsible for the return journey of unwanted passengers. In addition, they may be fined.

It is mostly Britons who do not know the rules of Brexit and are not allowed to enter the EU without good reason. Each week, the Royal Netherlands Marrakech does not allow about 30 to 50 passengers to enter the Netherlands.

How can travelers from non-flying countries help prevent the spread of the virus?

For almost all countries in the world, you have to be isolated for up to ten days after coming to Shipol. There are such exceptions ‘Safe Countries’ And the crew of the aircraft. If you are tested on the 10th day and found to have no corona, home insulation may be halved.

The segregation rule is being grossly violated, which is why the House of Representatives should soon consider the new law by Public Health Minister de Jong.

If the council approves the law, passengers will soon be screened at home to see if they comply with the segregation duty. There will be no law before May 1st. On that day, for the time being, the ban on air travel to countries in Central and South America and South Africa expires.

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