The United States is dealing with a Pakistani company that earned Bitcoin through counterfeiting

The United States is dealing with a Pakistani company that earned Bitcoin through counterfeiting

The 2020 U.S. election is more than five months away, but the cases are still pending. The U.S. Treasury Overseas Property Control Office (OFAC), which is responsible for imposing sanctions, will take action against 16 groups and 16 individuals who undermined the integrity of the election.

President Biden has issued a decree calling for Russian intervention in the elections as a national emergency. Some of the 32 groups and individuals use cryptocurrencies to fund their activities Reports Decrypt.

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Secondy sold counterfeit KYC documents

Largest fish in Pakistan Second Solutions study. The company has received a total of 31,000 transactions in various cryptocurrencies, currently valued at more than 2.5 million.

Second Solutions has created digital pseudo-identity documents that can be used specifically to avoid photo or video-based KYC checks.

For $ 30 to $ 80 each, people can return to the company to purchase KYC documents that can be used to create social media accounts. In addition to online payment services such as Pioneer, Secondy also accepts payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litcoin, according to on-chain researcher Synolysis.

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According to Synalysis, Secunde holds Bitcoin wallet in a “big deal”. It also acquired cryptocurrencies through “dark net markets, mixers and more obscure transactions”. Depending on the jurisdiction in which the large transaction is located, it can sometimes be difficult for Secunde to move the funds he has.

A second-hand spokesperson was not immediately available for comment. The rest of it this time: “We do not accept new orders.”

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Americans suspect that the Russians are using parties like Secondy to set up big troll farms on social media and thereby influence elections. Warfare is increasingly moving to the digital domain.

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