Solar Magazine - The United States wants to provide solar energy to 5 million 'poor' households

Solar Magazine – The United States wants to provide solar energy to 5 million ‘poor’ households

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a new goal from the National Social Solar Alliance (NCSP): By 2025, 5 million ‘poor’ households will be solar-powered.

Adequate solar panels have been installed in the United States today to provide electricity to 19 million households in the United States. Nevertheless, many Americans still do not have access to affordable solar energy. This includes many tenants, homeowners who do not have affordable financial options and people who do not have a suitable roof.

By providing solar energy to these 5 million households, the Biden-Harris government wants them to save $ 1 billion in energy bills through community solar. Community Solar – ‘Community Solar’ is a form of power generation where members subscribe to a portion of a solar panel located near their home. As a member, they receive a portion of their income from solar energy generated in their homes, usually as savings on their monthly electricity bills.

Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Cronhome said, “Social solar is one of the most powerful tools to provide affordable solar energy to all American homes, whether they have a house or roof that accommodates all solar panels.” Meeting these ambitious goals will lead to meaningful energy cost savings, creating jobs in these communities and transforming our clean energy. And more equally. “

Currently, the number of solar families in the United States is 600,000 households, and the new goal is to increase this number by 700 percent over the next 4 years.

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