Where did the original people of America come from?

Image: Reconstruction of a settlement during the late Jomon period.

The roots of the so-called Native Americans — a standard translation of the Dutch language not yet available — exists in present-day Japan. More specifically with the Joman people who lived before local history. At the very least, it is an important, archaeologically inspired theory based on similarities for some time in the excavated stone artifacts.

According to this theory, they migrated to the northwest coast of North America about 15,000 years ago on the northern edge of the Pacific Ocean, thus passing through the then land bridge over the current Bering Strait. From there they converged further south, reaching the extreme southern tip of the continent within 2,000 years.


However, new research at the Center for the Study of the First Americans (University of Texas A&M) actually and symbolically points the other way. Dental anthropologist G.S. Led by Richard Scott, he led a diverse team including Ice Age experts. We found that this archaeological theory was inconsistent with biological reality. We do not deny that the first people of the continent reached the United States via the northwestern Pacific coast, but our comparative study based on genetics and bone biology showed no relationship with Jomon. ‘

For the study, the team compared the biological and genetic code of samples from Jomon (upper) and Native American (lower) teeth. (© G. Richard Scott, University of Reno, Nevada).

In other words, their roots are not in Japan. But where do they come from, according to Professor Scott? “It seems to us that their place of origin is Siberia.”

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