Soccer player Quincy Promes wants help from Steven Seagal!  “two criminals”

Soccer player Quincy Promes wants help from Steven Seagal! “two criminals”

Quincy Promes and Steven Seagal probably know each other because of their shared interest in, and relationships with, Russia.

Promes, a top footballer for Spartak Moscow, has a residence permit in Russia and is now safe from Dutch justice, after being sentenced to 1.5 years in prison. According to reports, he wants to obtain a Russian passport in order to stay in the country permanently, and may be able to count on Seagal’s help.

Promises and Seagal are criminals hiding from justice

Steven Seagal, a well-known Hollywood star and martial arts expert, is a fan of Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Seagal took Russian citizenship and was appointed special envoy to improve relations with the United States.

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While the exact reason for their meeting is unknown, it’s possible that Promes, who was reportedly on vacation when he met Seagal, could certainly use his help. Seagal has strong in-state connections in Russia to get things done.

However, Promise’s holiday was overshadowed by a 1.5-year prison sentence, Russian newspapers reported. The NLwartacker Twitter account describes Promise and Seagal as two criminals hiding from justice.

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