So he can't do anything.

So he can’t do anything.

Ozkan Akyol is certainly not pleased with the qualities of talk show host Renzi Klammer. The announcer will have his own talk show on RTL next summer, but “Eus” doesn’t seem to trust that. “Renzi Clammer? So he can’t do anything.”

Bee Today inside Renzi Clamer’s traits were discussed last night. Although Johan Dirksen thinks he is a talent – “This boy has flair and charisma” – Ozkan Akyol Not really impressed† Thinking back to EveKlammer’s talk show with Fidan Ekiz.

Ozkan Akyol: Renzi did the management

“Fidan had all the flair and charm, but she couldn’t read Otokis or time. Renzi had to do the management. That’s why he was wrong.” Wilfred asks Jenny for an explanation of “Did management do?” “Well, you know. When the program is announced, we now turn to the topic.”

Johan Dirksen agrees with Renzi Klammer. “If you have a duo, they should complement each other. Renzi had a little experience, he still had to learn to trade a bit. But I thought she was getting better and better.” Rene van der Geep also disagrees with “Eos”. “No, Renzi Clammer is a talent.”

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“Renzi Klammer believes in himself a lot”

Ozkan Akyol Renzi Clamer took through the ironing machine over yesterday. He recalled an interview in the newspaper in which Renzi said that half of the Netherlands was talking about leaving Eve† “So you can’t set the record straight either,” says Eos. “If you think half of the Netherlands is talking about your leaving, you’re starting to believe in yourself too much.”

Eve It stopped abruptly last summer and became behind him Khaled and Sophie† Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer’s program lacks ‘urgency’. Johan Dirksen still finds BNNVARA’s decision incomprehensible. “I insist they were fired in a scandalous way. If you have a new duo ready, they should show it. But that’s not happening.”

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Eos criticizes Renzi Clammer on Today Inside: ‘So he can’t do anything’

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