Janis Block responds to Memphis Depay date rumors

Janis Block responds to Memphis Depay date rumors

After Janice and Donnie ended their relationship in October of last year, rumors quickly circulated that Janice was dating Barcelona star Memphis. Janice was even going to Barcelona to visit her new sweetheart there. Online program provider buzzFarja, debunked the rumors: “I’ve never seen this guy in my damned life.” Janice did not mind the juice channels bringing this news. “How did you get this information? Get the facts straight† (…) Do your job well or – roughly – shut up. †

Despite the false rumors, the idea was on Janice: “He looks good,” she says of the soccer player. It won’t be a Memphis look, but Janice is still skeptical if she’ll be a match. “I don’t know if that’s something I’ll look for now. (…) I don’t know if footballers are for me.” But the door is clearly open: “I never say never. I didn’t find the gossip very disturbing. He’s a nice guy.”

Last year we spoke to Donnie about a potential new love. Then the Roelvink descendant told us that his family and his new nephew owe him a debt.

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