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Slack offers Huddles. These are Discord-like spaces for voice chats, where employees within a Slack organization can come in and out at any time. The feature is currently rolling out to paid Slack teams.

at Blog post Slack states that the feature is for a quick consultation, among other things, which doesn’t necessarily require an extensive meeting to be scheduled. According to Slack, the feature can also be used for spontaneous and informal discussions and discussions, without having to schedule a meeting. It should be similar to the spontaneous conversations that colleagues also had in the office before the coronavirus pandemic.

With Huddles, Slack wants to lower the bar for starting voice conversations with each other. With one click, the meeting can be started in any channel or direct message, including those you share with people outside your company. The company said that anyone in that channel is free to come in and out of the conversation as they like, as if they were walking past an office.” Webcam images are not supported, but users can share their screens, for example to give presentations.

Slack is also talking about new features for sharing video and audio messages with colleagues, as an alternative to “endless meetings and meetings.” For example, the company states that employees can record their presentations or ideas, rather than scheduling a meeting. This feature will be available to paid Slack users in the “next few months”.

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