Skilled workers faced an unpleasant surprise at HMMIK: 'It's really scary'

Skilled workers faced an unpleasant surprise at HMMIK: ‘It’s really scary’

So it’s time for John Williams and his co-pilot to get there Helping my husband is witty! to bring about change.

Anneke basically fears Ton will have another heart attack if he continues like this. So she wants to help Toon, so that everything does not end up on his shoulders. Fortunately, Ton is more than open to help: “It affects me greatly, my dear. I find it difficult to hand things over, because you know how I am in this regard. I am partly ashamed that we are in this position. On the other hand, I also feel that I need to Help “.

It soon becomes clear that Toon has trouble letting go of things. When the manual worker starts work, he is on top of everything and has the necessary questions. When guys ask what they plan to do with the outlets and tell them they’re going to stay the same, he doesn’t agree. “No, can’t you be serious?” The guys are trying to remind Toon that they only have three weeks. Well, Ton concludes, he’ll have to totally open it up again.

As if the skilled workers had not already encountered difficulty, they soon encountered a very unpleasant surprise. When they work on the ceiling, a large amount of droppings falls out. Much to the horror of toon, it turned out to be rat droppings. “I’m really afraid of this,” he stutters. “Those animals could come here like that.” When John calls a pest control unit, a plan is made to get rid of the mice. Ton is given the task of closing the cellar completely, so that the mice can never enter again.

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However, it turns out Toon has other things on his mind. When he lies in bed at night, he cannot sleep. He feels that things are not going his way and that does not suit him. “I’m so grateful. It makes me sad. Actually I can’t complain, but I see things going on in the living room where I think ‘hmmm.’ I’m convinced it would be nice, but I really feel like I’ll soon be thinking ‘cool’, but also ‘but But, but, “.

John eventually decides to have a conversation with Toon and Annie. It impresses the couple that they will have to adjust their wish list a bit. The two had initially given themselves 5-6 years to complete the renovation, but according to John, that’s too long. “In 10 years your children will be gone. Put the house into 2 and the family into 1.” Turns out, the conversation got to Ton, who promised to get better.

It seems he has since given up on everything and let the skilled workers do their work. This approach turns out to work in his favor when the living room is finally done and Ann can’t believe her eyes. Finally, Ton also addresses workers who have not always had an easy time under his watchful eye. “I want to thank you for everything you’ve given here in such a short time. I think it’s very special, as well as the way you work and how you give advice. I’m really happy about that. Although sometimes I may grumble and look at your fingers and love everything” .

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