Signify gives all Philips Hue devices Matter standard support – picture and sound – news

Begins to have an “ambiance of color” lamp. Then create a scene with the color temperature and brightness you want. With Hue Labs, you have ample options for your sensors, for example, No Motion – No Fuss or No Disturbance to My Scene.
Then, you can set what the action should be (i.e. the scene being activated), with which lamp and, for example, what level of ambient lighting.

The bathroom lamp turns bright white during the day when it’s dark outside, and in the evening into a bright, warm light. From midnight it turns into a warm and soft light. That way, for 95% of all cases, I have the light I want in the bathroom at that time. After 3 minutes, the light will turn off automatically if the sensor does not detect further movement.
And also the physical Hue button to adjust the light if needed. It also conjures up different scenes with multiple pressures.

At first it was a little bit of work, but then it was a lot of fun.

Entrance, halls, stairs, toilet, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room … all are equipped with sensors. The living and sleeping rooms are just not because they are not very practical for me there.

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