Sietse Bakker is very proud of the Eurovision team: "The Netherlands issued a calling card" |  Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Sietse Bakker is very proud of the Eurovision team: “The Netherlands issued a calling card” | Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Sietse Bakker is “very proud” of the team behind the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The executive producer said this right after the end In 1. “There are 1,624 people in the credits. They have worked hard over the past days, weeks, months and two years to put this aside today at this strange and unreal time.”

According to Packer, the Netherlands has clearly issued a business card. “We set a great scene. This is what we can do if we work well together. This is what you can do in Rotterdam if you like. I am very proud of everyone.”

The whole team tried to get the most out of the three live shows. This can be seen, among other things, during the break shows, which made a great impression. For example, the Erasmus Bridge can be seen at Ahoy on a Saturday evening while performing the Afrojac and Glenice Grace Wolf. “This is augmented reality, a computer model of the Erasmus bridge and the Rotterdam skyline being shown live in Ahoy Rotterdam. Amazing technology,” Packer smiled, who said he was still “shivering”.


Duncan Lawrence’s performance, who was unable to make it to Ahoy for the final due to a coronavirus infection, made a deep impression on the executive producer. “I couldn’t resist walking the moment I hit the screen,” Packer said of Duncan’s rehearsal footage that was used in place of a live performance. “She really shed a tear. It was so beautiful.”

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According to Packer, the four broadcasters – Chantal Janzen, Jean Smet, Edselia Rumbley and Nikki de Jagger – have done their job “very well”. “I’m proud of them. Over the past year and a half, they’ve found chemistry together and turned it into a real party.”

Packer is very curious about viewership numbers from all over Europe. The Eurovision Song Contest attracted nearly 200 million viewers in previous years. “I understand that phone lines in many countries have gone through difficult times, and that really gives some indication of how many people have watched.” European rankings are expected to be released later this week.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below.

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