Sieneke influenced a lot of criticism during Eurovision: 'It touches you'

Sieneke influenced a lot of criticism during Eurovision: ‘It touches you’

Let’s go back to the moment Sieneke was selected as a candidate during the National Song Contest. In addition to Sieneke, Vinzzent, Loekz, Marlous and Peggy Mays, they also took a bullet in place on the Eurovision stage and the race was bloodthirsty: it ended in a tie. Ultimately, it was up to Pierre Cartner to decide who could travel to Moscow, but that turned out to be a very embarrassing moment. Pierre, or Father Ibrahim, refused the choice. “I can’t do that. I think they’re both equally strong.” After some persistence from broadcaster Yolanthi, he finally shouted, “Okay, Senik,” before leaving the stage in anger.

“Yes, that was a very strange evening,” Sieneke now tells Art Rooijakkers about her. “It was incredibly exciting. He didn’t know up front that he had to make a choice and he found that very difficult.” For us as a viewer, the moment actually lasted minutes, not to mention Sieneke. “I thought, Please say something! When I finally heard my name, it was crazy.”

Although the moment was strange, Sieneke does not view it negatively. In fact, she is only grateful to Pierre for giving her a chance. What she finds difficult is the criticisms she received later in the run-up to Moscow. Sieneke: “It was about the song, about me as a person, my poetry would be ‘paternal’ to a lot of people, my clothes weren’t good. I thought: Wow, that’s what people think about me a lot.”

The singer violently agrees to a girl who is only seventeen years old. “It really hurts. It catches.” But even so, at that moment, she was also living her dream. “It’s something that I look forward to with pride.”

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But what she is most proud of is that she is currently still allowed to play in front of people with her own songs. And let’s not forget: She’s my mom. “I really like the set. My mom is during the week and I put on glitter and makeup on the weekend, curly your hair and go!”

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