Marvel admits that "Doctor Strange" has made a big mistake with The Ancient One

Marvel admits that “Doctor Strange” has made a big mistake with The Ancient One

The world is fast becoming more and more “inclusive” and this makes the necessary filmmakers think. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirms that a huge mistake has gone wrong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the role of The Ancient One in Doctor strange To be played by a white woman.

at Doctor strange She plays an Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton The role of The Ancient One, in the comics, of An Old Asian Man. During that period, Marvel Studios had already been criticized for this choice. And now Feige confirms it should have been different.

“We thought we were very smart and very progressive,” Feige told the man’s health. “We thought,” We’re not going to make the cliché of the shrunken, old, wise Asian man. “But it was a wake-up call and now we say, ‘Well, wait a minute, is there another way to deal with this? Another way to not fall into a cliché either way and dump an Asian actor? “And the answer to that is, of course, yes.”

Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
“When we finished what we now call The Infinity Saga, we rolled up our sleeves and said, ‘Well, what now?’ What are we going to release now? ” Feige said about Stage 4 which he thinks will be another kind of MCU evolution. “Shang Zhi was at the top of that list.”

Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings It kind of looks Black Panther to be. This movie was made by a cast and crew with a lot of blacks. Shang Qi Made by mostly Asian people.

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