‘She went looking for a prince to wake up’ This is what Argentina really thinks of Maxima!

‘She went looking for a prince to wake up’ This is what Argentina really thinks of Maxima!

Delfina Chaves from Argentina

DKnowing that the Netherlands has its own version crown The immediate big question is who will play Queen Maxima; A six-part Videoland series Maxima After all, it’s mainly about the hair. It has now been announced that Delfina Chavez will be taking on the role of young Maxima. Delfina is already a star in Latin America, and perhaps in the Netherlands from next year as well – the series will air in 2024. If Delfina is a celebrity in her native Argentina, Máxima – contrary to what many Dutch people think – is much less so. “Most people know her name, but not her story,” Delfina Storey says. “They all think she’s a prince-chasing girl, hoping to rise like this.’ For example, the portrait of Máxima in Argentina is drawn by biographer Paula Galloni. ‘Máxima had a clear goal in mind in her love life. She wanted a partner of a certain class.’ and Rodolfo Vera Caldero, co-author of the book Maxima, la construcion de una reina, said: ‘All the people with whom she was involved were of a certain status or level. This will allow her to climb the social ladder. She always knows who to deal with.’ Delfina now says: ‘People don’t know that Maxima already had a successful career at the time.’ The series covers the current Queen’s life up until her engagement to Willem-Alexander in 2001. So the recordings take place everywhere in Maxima’s career up to that point in his native Argentina, USA, Belgium. And of course the Netherlands. Although Spanish and English are mostly spoken in the series, Delfina has to learn Dutch as well as Maxima. Maxima made it to Brussels at the time, where she could meet Willem-Alexander (played by Martijn Lakemier) at Leigh to prepare for their engagement announcement. However, it was a very lonely time away from her family and friends. Can Delfina draw on her own experience for that part of her role? ‘Little. I have been in Europe for a few months now. I am happy to be able to work here, but I miss my family very much. No, I don’t have a boyfriend so I don’t have to lose him.’

Actress Delfina plays Our Queen in a new series

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