She takes the Vatican artist to court to seal "she" Christ

She takes the Vatican artist to court to seal “she” Christ

Papro told The Associated Press how she pasted a picture of her design on a bridge near the Vatican in early 2019. I was surprised to find, over a year later, that it was being used for the traditional stamp that the Vatican issues every year on Easter.

“I just didn’t believe it,” says the artist. “I really thought it was a joke. But the real shock of course was that you don’t expect certain things from certain organizations.” Papro says the Vatican never responded to its requests for settlement.

Sistine Chapel

The Vatican itself always does everything in its power to protect its copyright. In the world-famous Sistina Chapel, visitors are not permitted to photograph or photograph the famous frescoes of Michelangelo. The ban dates back to the years when the image rights were in the hands of a Japanese TV channel. He paid for part of the restoration of the church.

Babru’s portrayal of Christ is part of a series she has been working on since 2013 titled Just Use It. In it, she presented Buddha, Hindu god Ganesha, and Bible figure Mary a heart she designed.

Use your heart

She says she wants to indicate that people should use their hearts and that no religion can claim a “universal truth”. Her lawyer says it is precisely this message that is being violated because the Vatican has seized the photo.

Officially, the Vatican has not responded. But the head of the service dealing with stamps and coins being issued told an Italian journalist that he overlooked the photo on his scooter and its photos. He is said to have used the “graffiti-like image” of the Easter stamp “to attract a new generation of stamp enthusiasts.”

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