Share a laptop?  WhatsApp Web password protect chats |  Technique

Share a laptop? WhatsApp Web password protect chats | Technique

WhatsApp Web users will soon be able to provide additional security to the app. The messaging service will give them the option to password protect their conversations, usually well-entered reports WABetaInfo Monday.

Users on iOS and Android have long been able to choose to secure the messaging service with facial recognition or a finger scan. This is in addition to locking the phone itself, so it’s an extra layer of security.

There was no such option for the desktop version of WhatsApp yet, but according to WABetaInfo Messaging service will change soon. Users will soon be able to set that a password must be entered first before they can access chats, the website reports.

The new feature aims to prevent others from opening WhatsApp Web on a laptop or computer and reading chats instantly. This is useful, for example, if the device is used by several people.

You’re supposed to re-enter your password every time you open the app on your desktop. Users can choose to enable the feature, but it is not required. It is not yet clear when exactly the feature will be rolled out.

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