Secretary Levins puts elementary school curriculum online - Suriname Herald

Secretary Levins puts elementary school curriculum online – Suriname Herald

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC) has digitized the curriculum for mainstream primary education (glo). The current workbooks are available from rows 1 through 8 website From the ministry.

Secretary Mary Levins says this is a step towards making all educational materials digitally available. Displayed only books and materials for which MinOWC owns the copyright.

The minister understands that it is not always possible to send books home with students, especially on days when they are not at school. All books are now available to parents, teachers and students with a laptop and / or smartphone. Teachers no longer have to send pictures via WhatsApp to parents. The files have also been kept as small as possible to keep data costs low and to make downloading easier to the phone.

Parents who do not have their laptop computer no longer need to copy. They can download everything to their phone or to the library or internet cafe to use. Hence children who do not have a laptop or cell phone at home prefer to take home rare books. After all, some schools suffer from a shortage of books. According to the ministry, this measure should not be seen as a substitute for existing digitization initiatives, but rather as an addition. All this in the context of the process of renewing education.

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