De GGD hervat vandaag het prikken met het AstraZeneca-vaccin (foto: ANP/ Piroschka van de  Wouw).

Corona News: A member of the Eindhoven polling committee tests positive for Corona after that

The GGD will resume injecting the AstraZeneca vaccine today (Photo: ANP / Piroschka van de Wouw).

This Wednesday, we will keep you abreast of the most important news about Coronavirus in Brabant and beyond via this live blog.

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  • Today, the House of Representatives discusses extending the Corona measures until April 20.
  • The hole with AstraZeneca has been resumed on a large scale today.
  • Read all the news about Coronavirus Our topic page.

09.52 – A member of the PSV Eindhoven has subsequently tested positive
Someone worked at a polling station in Eindhoven, after which he tested positive for Corona. The municipality will let you know. Personnel who came into contact with this polling station member must be removed.

Related to the polling station at Strijp Dorp Elementary School. All polling stations and committees adhered to the corona rules according to the municipality. According to the municipality, “the risks to which the electorate are exposed are almost non-existent.”

09.07 – Nearly forty thousand acute care employees receive vaccinations
A group of healthcare workers can be vaccinated again. It concerns about 39,500 people working in acute Covid care or in the emergency department. This is what the outgoing Minister Hugo de Jong wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives.

Staff are vaccinated “in the short term” with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Now people between the ages of 63 and 64 are injected with this vaccine and people with obesity or Down syndrome. According to De Jonge, the planning for this group is “a few days” behind schedule now that the health care worker group has been added.

08.45 – Far fewer people with TB due to lockdown
The number of people with TB in the Netherlands decreased by 17% last year. This is the largest drop in fifty years. According to the RIVM, this relates to 623 cases of TB compared to 754 cases in 2019. Especially during the lockdowns, there were fewer TB patients. The decrease in injuries is said to be a result of corona measures, such as maintaining a distance. According to the RIVM, “This makes the spread of TB bacteria less easy.” But it could also be because people went to the doctor less and less care was available, for example. “I went to a doctor and because there is less care on offer. There is a good chance that these people will report later, possibly with more serious complaints.”

Another explanation is the decrease in the number of migrants and asylum seekers. On arrival in the Netherlands, new arrivals from countries where TB is common are required to get tested for TB. The number of patients diagnosed has decreased from 49 to 21 in the last year.

At the press conference on Corona measures on Tuesday, it was said among other things that the curfew would start an hour later on March 31. Moreover, De Jonge and Rutte clarified that further relaxation is not yet possible due to increased infection.

07.55 – Healthcare workers want deductible compensation
So far, 375 healthcare workers who have contracted coronavirus themselves have applied for compensation for their health insurance deduction. They did it at IZZ, which is a group of healthcare workers. If they contracted with Corona themselves and thus had to use the deductible sums, healthcare workers could be compensated for the mandatory deductible amount of € 385. The Compensation Scheme was launched in November last year and is intended for healthcare workers with IZZ Group Healthcare Insurance.

07.35 – Visit to the experiential café in Utrecht a little continues
The trial continues in Utrecht to test the behavior of visitors to the café in a diluted way. It is not clear when exactly. According to the Cabinet, the experiment can only be carried out on a small scale. This is due to the current situation with the increase in coronavirus infections.

The aim of the experiment is to find out how cafes can soon open in a safe and responsible manner.

07.25 – “The number of bankruptcies is likely to increase dramatically this year”
Credit insurer Atradius predicts that the number of bankruptcies in the Netherlands will increase sharply this year. More companies will go bankrupt in 2021 than they were before the Corona pandemic. Last year, the number of bankrupt companies decreased compared to the previous year. This is partly due to support packages from the government.

Atradius believes the number of bankruptcies in the Netherlands will increase by 44 per cent. But this is compared to last year’s low. In 2020, the number of companies that went bankrupt was down 17 percent compared to the previous year. Theo Semmed, an economist at Atradius, attributes the increase to the “delayed effect of the Corona crisis”.

06.55 – The number of new infections doubles in Germany
The number of new cases of corona detected in Germany has doubled in the past 24 hours, from the previous day. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of RIVM, reported nearly 16,000 new cases Wednesday morning.

06.00 – It is up to the board to act on the extension of Corona measures
The old House of Representatives will once again face Corona Minister Hugo de Jong and Prime Minister Marc Rutte this afternoon in a debate over Corona. Especially the social consequences of renewed lockdown are central.

Additionally, MPs also want clarification on the delay in entering the curfew and the vaccination strategy. The discussion will take place on the same day when a large part of the cabinet is likely to be tested to detect Corona, after Monday, it was revealed that Foreign Minister Mona Kejzer had tested positive.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Corona Minister Hugo de Jong made it clear in a new press conference Tuesday evening that relaxation is not possible now due to the high infection numbers and the increase in the number of Corona patients in hospital.

Watch the summary of yesterday’s press conference here:

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During the previous press conference, Rutte and De Jonge were still hoping that at the end of March – if development was favorable – the stands could reopen, among other things.

Prior to the debate this afternoon, the parliamentary parties will be briefed on developments by Jaap Van Dessel and Yap Van Dilden, both of the RIVM.

06.00 – Hole resumed with AstraZeneca on a large scale
And GGDs Start again today Giving AstraZeneca’s Corona Vaccine. Vaccinations with this medicine were stopped a week and a half ago for fear of rare side effects.

GGDs administer the AstraZeneca vaccine to people who work in the healthcare industry. Because of the injection interruptions, 43,000 injection appointments were canceled. These people are the first to act. Doctors also administer the AstraZeneca vaccine. They give it to people between the ages of 60 and 64, people with Down syndrome and people who are extremely overweight.

02.45 – The Church in Urk partially abandons festoon rules and fills in
Sion Church in Urk opens its doors again to all its members. The Orthodox municipality largely abandon the Corona rules, due to dissatisfaction with the policy of the national government, Trouw Reports.

Both services at Reformed congregation in Urk were full last Sunday. The church abandons the rules of abdication, because it wants to satisfy the “spiritual need and well-being” of the community.

Janssen will deliver 84,750 vaccines in mid-April. The same quantity is delivered in the last week of the month. The pharmaceutical company wants to deliver a total of 3 million vaccines in the second quarter. The Health Council previously recommended that the Janssen vaccine be given first to elderly people over the age of 60 and people with specific medical conditions.

00.00 – Kuipers: Leaving a curfew has no effect on the infection
According to Ernst Kuippers, the fact that the curfew begins an hour after March 31 will have no effect on the number of infections. The professor and head of the National Acute Care Network said Tuesday evening on the Op1 talk show.

According to Kuipers, vaccination has so far not had any significant positive results to put pressure on hospitals. It shows that a total of about 1.5 million people have now had an injection. “That’s less than 10 percent of the population.” He also notes that the people who are now vaccinated are mostly elderly and will not end up in hospital that quickly.

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00.00 – Gommers: People over 60 to relax ASAP
In order to be able to relax more, it is essential that people over the age of 60 be vaccinated against the Coronavirus as soon as possible. IC Diederik Gommers says on the Beau talk show on RTL 4 Tuesday evening that this group has the “next challenge”. Gommers Beau denounces that the sting in his eyes has not yet started properly. “It seems difficult to deliver those vaccines,” he says. Because “putting the injection in the upper arm” is not that difficult, he said.

Gommers would have liked all people over the age of 60 to have their first injection in April, but that could now extend to June. Otherwise, he would have been more relaxed in May, he says.

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00.00 – There is often no contact with GGD after reporting via CoronaMelder
Almost sixty percent of people who report on CoronaMelder app that they have been in contact with an infected person are no longer contacted by GGD to search for the source and contact. This is what researchers from Erasmus University found in a study sent by Corona Minister Hugo de Jong to the House of Representatives.

The survey also indicates that a large number of people still do not adhere to the advice. Less than half of people who receive a report actually stay home.

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