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Scientists introduce colleagues from workplaces in Ukraine

The research scientist is also working hard to help people from Ukraine. An attempt was made to help refugee scientists with the hashtag ScienceForUkraine, among other things.

a few days ago #Science for Ukraine On Twitter with a call to action for all students and researchers facing problems in Ukraine. Needless to say, almost all research has been halted, and people have had to flee and are unable to finish their studies or work. And so the question was: Subscribe to any organization that can help. This is now being done by laboratories, scientists and universities from all over the world.

There are places to sleep, but also places to find in all kinds of search areas. Among other things, there is a list of laboratories ready to help, which now contains at least 100 initiatives.

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Professor Marie-José Van Tol shares the online initiative. You will soon become the new president of the Youth Academy. “If Ukrainian scientists flee here, receive them generously,” she said in an appeal. According to Van Tol, the government should also contribute money for this. “This is not only a form of humanitarian assistance, but ultimately also an investment in democracy,” she says. “The danger is that an entire generation of scientists in Ukraine will be wiped out and with it their knowledge and discoveries.”

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