Scientists discover an explanation for nausea in pregnant women

Scientists discover an explanation for nausea in pregnant women

Anyone who’s been on the toilet in her first trimester knows by now that the hormone GDF15 (short for “growth differentiation factor”)) He is responsible for that. Women who naturally produce little GDF15 have the most severe complaints, researchers from the University of Cambridge and others report in the official journal. Scientific journal Nature.

About 80% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, and in 2% of cases the complaints are so serious that they can lead to hospitalization, for example due to dehydration and weight loss.

The scientists involved hope that this discovery could prevent future hospitalizations. For example, the hormone may be given to women who naturally produce little GDF15 before becoming pregnant.

“Most women who get pregnant experience nausea at some point,” says one researcher. “That’s annoying enough, but for some women it’s even worse.” Teigen Guardian. “It even makes them so sick that they need treatment. Now that we think we know why, hopefully we can prevent this in the future.”

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