Schippers and Witter in broad Dutch selection for European Athletics Championships |  Currently

Schippers and Witter in broad Dutch selection for European Athletics Championships | Currently

Daphne Schippers is definitely part of the Dutch squad for the European Athletics Championships in Munich later this month. The team consists of no less than 61 athletes: 34 women and 27 men.

At the end of June, Schippers had already ruled out participating in the World Cup (which was held last month in Eugene, America). The multiple world champion has been struggling with chronic back issues in recent seasons and is currently looking to get her old level again.

Other eye-catchers for the European Championship team include Fimke Ball, Leekkie Claver, William Marvin Bonifacia, Nadine Visser, Jessica Schelder and Ninky Brinkmann. Anouk Vetter and Emma Ostrogel, who won silver and bronze respectively in the heptathlon at last year’s Tokyo Olympics, are running in Munich.

Vetter also took the silver at the World Cup last month. After that, it was doubtful whether she would also take part in the European Championships due to the large tax, but now this decision has been made.

The Netherlands won four medals at the World Cup

The Netherlands won four medals at the World Cup in the United States. Besides Vetter, Paul (400m hurdles) and the mixed relay team also took silver in the 4x400m race. The painter won a bronze medal in the throw.

With Brinkmann, the Netherlands took home a candidate’s medal at the Munich Marathon. The 28-year-old athlete finished second at the Rotterdam Marathon in April. With a 2.22.51, it dived for about a minute below the record of nineteen-year-old Dutchman Lorna Kiplagat.

Munich will host a multi-European Championship from August 11-21. In addition to athletics, the program includes cycling (road, track, mountain bike, and BMX), beach volleyball, gymnastics, rowing, table tennis and triathlon. Athletics competitions are held at the Olympics.

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Dutch women at the European Athletics Championships

  • Daphne Schippers (100 m)
  • Marie van Hunenstein (200 metres)
  • Jamil Samuel (200m, 4x100m)
  • Leakey Claver (200m, 400m *, 4x400m)
  • FIMC Ball (400m*, 400m Hurdles, 4x400m)
  • Evelyn Salberg (400m *, 4x400m)
  • Lisan de Witt (400m *, 4x400m)
  • Maureen Koster (5000m)
  • Diane Van S (5000m)
  • Yasmine Lau (10,000 meters)
  • Silk Junkman (10000m)
  • Ninky Brinkman (marathon)
  • Jill Holtermann (marathon)
  • Ruth van der Megden (marathon)
  • Bo Amels (marathon)
  • Zoe Sidney (100m hurdles, 4x100m)
  • Nadine Visser (100m hurdles)
  • Maayke Tjin A-Lim (100m hurdles)
  • Brett Wehrman (high jump)
  • Bent Koenig (shot)
  • Jessica Pinter (shot)
  • Jorinde van Klinken (Put throw, discus)
  • Alida Van Dalen (discus throw)
  • Anouk Vetter (Seven)
  • Emma Ostrogel (seven)
  • Sophie Doctor (Septal)
  • Demi van den Wildenburg (4x100m)
  • Minky Biscopes (4x100m)
  • Naomi Sydney (4x100m)
  • Nketia Seydoux (4x100m)
  • Andrea Puma (4x400m)
  • Kathleen Peters (4x400m)
  • Hanneke Oosterwegel (4x400m)
  • Laura de Witt (4x400m)

Dutch men at the European Athletics Championships

  • Joris Van Goul (100m, 4x100m)
  • Temir Burnett (200m, 4x100m)
  • Limarvin Bonifacia (400m, 4x400m)
  • Jochem Daubert (400m, 4x400m)
  • Djou Lublis (800 metres)
  • Tony Van Diepen (800m, 4x400m)
  • Mike Vauben (5000m)
  • Benjamin de Haan (10,000m)
  • Queen Smit (110m hurdles)
  • Tom Hendricks (marathon)
  • Ronald Schroer (marathon)
  • Angela Ramsey (400m Hurdles, 4x400m)
  • Nick Smedt (400m Hurdles, 4x400m)
  • Dowy Amels (high jump)
  • Mino Flon (Pole Vault)
  • Rutger Kopillar (pole vault)
  • Robin Rolvink (discus throw)
  • Denzel Cominentia (Hammer Throw)
  • Rick Tam (decathlon)
  • Sven Rosen (decathlon)
  • Hensley Polina (4x100m)
  • Xavi Mo-Ajok (4x100m)
  • Elvis Afrifa (4x100m)
  • Rafael Pogo (4x100m)
  • Terence Agard (4x400m)
  • Isayah Boers (4x400m)
  • Martin Emanel (4x400m)

*A maximum of five qualified athletes are allowed to participate in each event, but only three athletes can actually participate. This does not apply to marathon runners.

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