Beyoncé removes the word "spas" from her music after an outcry

Beyoncé removes the word “spas” from her music after an outcry

“In America, this word is used to indicate that you are going to go crazy or go crazy. It’s a kind of snake,” American expert Carol Rock told NOS With the Eye on Tomorrow.” In England, since 2003, this word has officially been the most derogatory word ever You can use it against people with disabilities. Then there is talk of a spasm. That’s what this word means.”


“People in America know it comes from somewhere, but in England it is used more as a swear word. In America, it is used basically differently,” says Rock. So you also think that Beyoncé has no evil intentions with that word. “She is famous for being an activist and with every album she releases, she tries to support a new social problem and marginalized groups.”

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Six weeks ago, singer Lizzo also used this word in one of her songs. Then an Australian activist and spokesperson for a disability organization spoke about it via Twitter. This was captured en masse and then Lizzo saw and listened to him. Lizzo is a black, well-built woman who knows it. She is also an activist and said: I know better than anyone what the struggle for equality in society is like, so I don’t want to offend such a large group of people, so I decided to replace the text. I did it right away.”

“So it’s weird that Beyoncé’s album comes out in six weeks, everybody’s talking about it and yes. The word is in it. I don’t think the album was written in six weeks. That’s a process. Some artists have been working on their albums for years. This was already there,” explains Rock. “It hurts that Lizzo’s physical album didn’t even exist yet. It was only online. The album was already out there with Beyoncé, and there’s still something to consider in this case. They were really far away in the process.”

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“With Lizzo, of course, it was great that she reacted instantly that way. Everyone said it could be done that way. It’s happening now and her spokesperson has announced the word is going to be removed. It’s being replaced and nothing came out of Beyoncé herself. Lizzo did it herself. She’s apologizing herself, Beyoncé hasn’t yet. It might still be possible.”

“Of course there’s a lot going on. She is, of course, great. She’s really big. She also has fans who say, ‘Stop, what a whine.’ I think she’ll come up with a response eventually, but people are still thinking about the best way to communicate that and she’s not saying things.” also wrong from a legal point of view.”


It may just be that different parties will sue her and say: This is just an insult to a large group. “Anything is possible,” says Rock. “It goes deeper. It detracts from the equal rights of this group, that this group really has a difficult situation and that they should have known better about their influence and power. And that, knowingly and well, because it was already known, I released this album with these words. What I’ve read So far from various organisations, but also from the Australian speaker, is that they are really, really pissed that she hasn’t heard her voice yet.”

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