Schiphol is in the European middle category in the Google rankings

Schiphol is in the European middle category in the Google rankings

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After months of chaotic scenes due to lack of staff, Schiphol is in the middle category of European airports when it comes to satisfying customers. concludes with an inventory of Google reviews about the hundred busiest airports in Europe. In this ranking, compiled for the first time, the airport near Amsterdam ranks 40th with a score of 4 stars.

According to the founder of the website Guus Wantia, the result was amazing, because Schiphol has always been known as one of the best airports in Europe. For example, last year the airport was nominated for the title of Best European Airport by the World Travel Awards. “You can see that Schiphol has had image damage from all the problems that have come up since the spring and summer of this year. Before that, they were always the best in the area,” says Wantea.

The national airport has been suffering from long queues for months due to the lack of security guards at security checks. On some days, wait times were so high that passengers missed their flights and airlines had to cancel flights. In order to continue the flow of passengers in Schiphol, airlines are clearly reluctant to limit the number of passengers traveling through the airport for at least a full year.

Schiphol is on a par with Heathrow in London and Barajas near Madrid. Staff shortages at those airports also led to long wait times last summer. Eindhoven Airport, the second busiest airport in the Netherlands, receives 3.8 stars from passengers, and therefore is in the 70th place in the ranking.

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The airports of Zurich, Athens and Porto scored the best with 4.4 stars on Google. Below are the airports of Bordeaux in France (2.6 stars), Heraklion Airport in Greece (2.7 stars), and Manchester in the UK (2.9 stars).

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