Saudi Arabia Wants to Join BRICS: Writer Rich Abi, Fakir Dad Gives Bitcoin as a Solution – BLOX

Saudi Arabia Wants to Join BRICS: Writer Rich Abi, Fakir Dad Gives Bitcoin as a Solution – BLOX

There is currently a conflict between the United States and Saudi Arabia over oil. In response, the Arab country expressed its desire to join the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Something that will not benefit the United States.

In response, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, said people should buy gold, silver and bitcoin. This is because a dollar would be equal to the value of “toast”.

Big Five

The Global Times reported that Saudi Arabia has expressed its intention to join the BRICS. This is also called the “Big Five” because they represent at least 40% of the world’s total population.

Perhaps this is because there is some disagreement between the country and the United States. In October, it turned out that OPEC +, led by Saudi Arabia, would reduce its oil supply by 2 million barrels per day. For the United States, this could mean higher gasoline prices in the coldest months of the year. Joe Biden, the President of the United States, rejected this decision and continued to call it short-sighted.

Kiyosaki answers

This decision, in turn, is vehemently rejected by Kiyosaki, who – given his Twitter account – has never had much say in the president. “Goodbye in US dollars. Saudi Arabia officially joins the BRICS. The day after Biden withdrew from Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia’s negotiations with Russia and China began.”

The United States is currently in a special situation with the US dollar. Since this is the world’s reserve currency, it can exert spillover effects on other countries, and they are completely tired of this. You also see that Saudi Arabia would rather belong to the BRICS group than trade with the United States.

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The solution

According to Kiyosaki, it’s time to invest in commodities like gold, silver, and the rare bitcoin. This is to protect yourself from the collapse of the economy.

He no longer has much faith in the American economy and no longer expects much good at the global level (This is to say the least). Kiyosaki is known for throwing a lot of ominous tweets out to the world, but he was right on some of the charges. He even predicted that Bitcoin would hit $20,000 when it was getting close to $29,000.

It remains to be seen what the dollar will do if Saudi Arabia does indeed become part of the BRICS. This will not bode well for the US economy, as it will be ruled out entirely here.

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