Scenes taken by Expedition Robinson: 'I feel like a traitor' |  Expedition Janssen

Scenes taken by Expedition Robinson: ‘I feel like a traitor’ | Expedition Janssen

Expedition JansenWho wins any test, is he the hungrier or has the wildest plans to vote on the others? Reporter Dennis Jansen looks at the department Expedition Janssen again weekly Expedition Robinson.

Last year’s candidates had to bring a ski pass, snow boots and thermal underwear as it was cold in Croatia, and this season a rain suit is a must. For months, the makers have been able to search for an island Expedition Robinson to include . Then why on earth a place where it only rains? “I have a completely different definition of a wet dream,” Niels Ostock puts into perspective when they woke up. It’s one of my favorites this year. With his expression (fist when winning), his bright eyes, his vulnerability (when it comes to his deceased father) and sense of humor. Where Michelin-starred chef London Lowe treated his team in West with fried dumplings – even here on the stove I don’t get them well – others have to talk about the food. “Go with that banana,” Niels said before the test. Then a little lighter: “Well, no bananas.” And finally: “If only we had a banana.”

a hero
No, of course Elias Oja isn’t a hero, but his fumbling down that ladder led to funny pictures and comments: ‘I’m doing kind of a bombshell and I’m kind of like Robinson’s clown Bebo.’ It was an episode without heroes or pandemonium. Monkeys poop on Mike Weirs (but the pictures were missing) and saw teeth covered in charcoal. The most amazing was the return of Team Purple. How could Orange give up such a generous connection? Harry Bekema and Vincent Vian slow down for a long time. Plus: we didn’t look around and watch the time. Well, then you deserve the island council.

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Elias Oga with Harry Bekema in action during the Robinson Mission. © RTL 4

heart pain
What a sofa. Is this making a TV? The makers of Robinson maneuvered us toward a battle at the Island Council. Finally a tie. All the conversations went there beforehand. Chatilla van Grinsven who supposedly wanted to keep Liza in it. Dennis Wilt who “gone” with Lisa. not like that. In the end, Dennis didn’t vote for Harry, but for Lisa, not 3-3 but 6-2. Lisa exit. As a viewer, I was a little surprised. “I feel like a traitor,” Lisbed Dennis. duh! Isn’t that what it is? It would have been nice if Dennis had actually voted for Harry. It became 3-3 and that the old team was green versus the old orange. Even better: if Harry had to pack his bag and suddenly it was Vincent and Chatila versus Lisa and Dennis. Now Dennis said to the departing Lisa: “I will continue to fight for Team Orange.” Without avail! The weather man (opposite the green tie of three) stands with one leg in the proverbial grave, and it is only a matter of time to pull the other man up.

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