Samsung will update all Galaxy phones for 2019 and later for four years – tablets and phones – news

Samsung will provide all new and latest 2019 Galaxy phones with four years of security updates. The manufacturer announced this. This also includes inexpensive models like the A10, A20 and A30, Samsung says.

These are 2019, 2020 and 2021 models. According to Samsung listing. For devices from 2018 and above, the status of updates will be maintained for at least three years, although more expensive phones often receive security updates after that period.

Expensive models receive monthly security updates, while cheaper phones often receive about once every three months, according to Current list of supported phones. The oldest phone Samsung still supports is the nearly four-year-old Galaxy S8 as of March 2017.

Samsung doesn’t say why it took the step to support all phones for four years at this time. Due to the change, for example, the Galaxy A50 will receive updates from Spring 2019 at least until Spring 2023. The move also applies to newer tablets.

Many manufacturers promise less phone support. Google, the maker of Android, will provide support for Pixel phones for three years. And one of them found that many other manufacturers also committed 3 years, while some support their phones for less Tweakers inventory Half a year ago.

Samsung already announced last year that its very expensive Galaxy S10 models OS upgrades You will get it. Until then, there was a cap on each phone.

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