Sam’s big dream comes true

Sam’s big dream comes true

Sam Couris, Kelly Pfaff and their kids Shania and Kenji take you on an ‘Expedition Cory in the US On their unforgettable holiday. An unforgettable experience awaits in the upcoming episode, especially for Sam. Something that makes him particularly emotional.

There is no doubt that Koorisen has had one crazy adventure after another in ‘Expedited Kooris in America’. Last week, Sympathetic Family made a stop in San Francisco. While Shania and Kelly were there enjoying a mother-daughter day, Sam and Kenji went on a fishing boat. There Sam is completely over the moon when he thinks he’s caught a fish ‘Nen Beer’. But the real ‘beer’ awaits him in tomorrow’s episode.

An ordinary passerby

Goorissen has already managed to tick a lot off their bucket list, though One thing is still at the top of Sam’s list: he wants to see ‘Nen Beer’ in the forest. On a car ride from San-Francisco to Quincy — where the Koorisen consider themselves true cowboys — that dream finally comes true. Sam almost becomes hysterical when he sees a brown bear and tears of joy profusely flow. When other residents measure the hearing loss…

Expedited Curries in America’ airs every Tuesday at 9:45 PM on VTM 2.

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