Russia continues to attack Mariupol steel plant despite Putin’s promise

Russia continues to attack Mariupol steel plant despite Putin’s promise

The last 2,000 Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol, along with about 1,000 civilians, reside in the tunnels under the factory complex.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the site of the plant shot hard† In addition, Russian forces were said to have blocked the exits from the site. Both soldiers and civilians are in critical condition in the tunnel system below the factory. They were unable to get any medicine or food for weeks.

Evacuation failed

Attempts to evacuate Ukrainian civilians and military personnel from the site have so far been unsuccessful. Russia announced on Monday that it would open a humanitarian corridor for civilians, but Ukraine said there was no agreement. The evacuation will not be possible as long as Russia is under fire at the steel plant. Ukraine Say That Russia deliberately bombed such humanitarian corridors.

put it in banished yesterday In a conversation with Turkish President Erdogan that fighting is still going on in Mariupol. According to him, the Ukrainian government is wrong that civilians still live in the steel plant and can safely leave the site.

Yesterday, Ukraine requested assistance from the United Nations and the Red Cross in the evacuations. After UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres met with Vladimir Putin, the United Nations reported that Putin was here. ‘in principle’ agree with. It remains unclear when this joint evacuation should take place or where the civilians will be relocated.

Many Ukrainian citizens were evacuated to Russia and not to safer areas of Ukraine itself. United nations Reports That there are now over 600,000 Ukrainian refugees in Russia, while Ukraine claims that many of these people were forcibly brought to Russia.

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fully enclosed

Mariupol completed March 17th surrounded† Only the Azovstal steel plant is still in the hands of the Ukrainians. If the city completely fell into the hands of Russia, it would be an important victory for Russia. In this case, it controls the entire southeastern coast of Ukraine.

In addition, the port of Mariupol is an important strategic target that can be used to supply Russian forces. The forces that are still active in Mariupol will be deployed again on the other front lines.

You can find out why Mariupol is so important to Russians in this video:

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