Rumor: AMD is upgrading Radeon Super Resolution for ‘almost all games’ – Computer – News

AMD is rumored to be working on Radeon Super Resolution technology to upgrade. This will be based on current FSR technology, but works at the driver level and therefore works in “almost all games”.

According to VideoCardz sources Radeon Super Resolution is based on version 1.0 of Ultra-precision FidelityFX. This technology renders games at a lower resolution and then applies an upgrade, which should result in a higher frame rate compared to rendering on Sweetened Precision. However, an FSR must be implemented for each game.

Radeon Super Resolution may vary in this latter area. VideoCardz reports that this so-called technology works via AMD drivers. Therefore, developers do not need to add special support for the upgrade technology to their game. Radeon Super Resolution will work this way in “almost” all games.

An anonymous source tells VideoCardz that AMD Radeon Super Resolution will be released in January. The technology should work on AMD Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 video cards. VideoCardz notes that there is currently no information available about support for legacy GPUs or games in the file Unlimited full screenstatus, but can be added at a later time. AMD is expected to share more details on RSR around the CES tech show. The company will be holding a presentation on January 4.

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