Roxanne Kniteman storms over ‘Above the Ocean’: ‘The wall is coming down very quickly’ |  RTL Street

Roxanne Kniteman storms over ‘Above the Ocean’: ‘The wall is coming down very quickly’ | RTL Street

Roxanne Kniteman (37) is best known to TV viewers for her performance in the film Vandaag Inside. But they don’t recognize her there like in Across the Ocean. The celeb wasn’t on the road for a week until Roxanne felt safe enough to show her feelings with her fellow nominees.

“We’ve been on this boat for less than a week and I know you ten times better.”

Roxanne points out that she misses her husband Wim very much, but he’s not the one who made the podcast for her. Crewmate Roelof Hemmen had a conversation with Roxanne’s brother and sister before the flight. Tears quickly stream down her cheeks when she hears their voice. “I was full of tears when I heard you were on the farm,” she told Roelof afterward. “This is a very special place for me.”

Roxanne’s brother and sister are thrilled to contribute to the podcast about this special journey. They tell the viewer how Roxanne works. “Even though she pretends to be a loner, she is a team player,” says her brother, Marnix. “She can’t handle a lot of sleep well,” warns Sister Elise.

Roxanne is one of the family. “Two years ago my mother was in hospital in Austria,” says Elise. “Roxanne was busy with all kinds of work, but she was willing to pick up my mother from Austria.” They didn’t expect her to give up everything. “Because she seemed selfish to us during her cycling career,” Elise says. “We see now that she has stopped, she is not as selfish as we thought.”

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Roxanne was 17 when her father, cyclist Gerry Kniteman, died. “I feel worse for her than I do for myself,” says her sister, becoming emotional. Roxanne also doesn’t keep it dry during the piece. “Of course it’s not like that,” Roxanne later discussed with Roelofs. “It says something about your sister and how much she loves you,” he says.

The seventh day on the ocean is emotionally difficult for Roxanne. Roelof noticed this too. “This conversation has provided a lot of information about you. We’ve been in this boat less than a week, and I know you 10 times better than I did after the podcast,” Roeloff says. “The wall around me goes down very quickly on a boat like this,” Roxanne admits. “I don’t need that anymore.” Roelof is happy about that. “I think it’s really nice to get to know you better this way.”

Over the ocean You can watch it every Thursday at 8:30 pm on RTL 4. You can watch the episode again on Videoland.

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