Rob Stenders Returns to Radio Veronica after 25 Years |  Currently

Rob Stenders Returns to Radio Veronica after 25 Years | Currently

Rob Stenders returns to Veronica after 25 years. Along with his regular girlfriend Caroline Brewer, the DJ makes the switch from NPO Radio 2 and goes to Veronica Radio every day. Bonanza Present. Radio Talpa announced on Tuesday that it has also appointed a new director of the channel.

The 55-year-old Stenders had previously made radio for Veronica between 1987 and 1995, when the channel was still part of the public order.

Present high-level programs such as Stenders & Van InkelAnd the D’Rob of D’ronder at Chocradio. Since 2015, Stenders can be heard on NPO Radio 2, where he plays the popular program in the afternoon Stenders Platenbonanza Gifts.

At Veronica, he will not only be a software maker, but ultimately he will be responsible for the station’s music and programming.

“Leaving NPO Radio 2 is not easy,” responds Stenders. “But getting the keys to making Radio Veronica a music haven for enthusiasts, you only get that opportunity once. Just like Radio Veronica, I was born on April 18th, I sent my first show to Veronica. It’s Stenders & Van Inkel and about half of my radio presence. Now I have a chance as a broadcaster to define the course of this station and that I have been given the confidence and freedom in black and white to make it the channel I believe in completing the circle. “

The switch was in the air

The switch from Stenders to Veronica has been in the air for years. Both sides have admitted several times that talks are ongoing. Last fall, rumors about a possible switch became stronger again.

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Stenders can be heard on Veronica for the first time on June 28. According to Talpa, he started shortly before that in his first job as a behind-the-scenes channel manager. For now, this job is still temporarily in the hands of Niels Van Parlin.

Talpa Radio Director Marc Adriani delighted with the Stenders’ arrival. “It is a great honor to hand over the leadership of Radio Veronica to Rob Stenders. He knows better than anyone how to take listeners on a musical adventure. I am convinced that he will bring his passion for music and the radio career to Veronica’s team. And her listeners.”

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