Review: Editors Play Paaspop 2024 vs. Almost Empty Apollo

Review: Editors Play Paaspop 2024 vs. Almost Empty Apollo

With the editors, Paaspop got an established headline. At Rock Werchter 2023, the stage was too small for the thousands of visitors who wanted to see the band. What's it like for Paaspop 2024, which also faces a lot of competition from other genres playing at the same time? Are editors with Schijndel a golden combination or a mismatch?

Photo: Sunny De Beer

The editors enjoy a leading position in the Netherlands and Belgium. Lowlands, Rock Werchter, Down The Rabbit Hole and Best Kept Secret have already been crowned winners. Although some of these headline spots date back a few years, they still guarantee a packed barn at Rock Werchter 2023. In the Netherlands, the band were the headline act at both Vestrock and Dauwpop in 2022, not the bigger festivals. Amazing Details: Editors don't sell out every day at Dauwpop. They still put on a great show.

Then now it's Paaspop's turn, where different types of audiences go. We've already checked out the rock music performance at the festival. Spoiler: It doesn't attract full crowds. In addition, at the same time as editors Marlon Hofstadt plays in the second phase: the current phase The hottest name in town In the land of electronics. Will the guys fill Apollo and how will the audience, known in Paaspop for wanting to party, react to the show?

Photo: Sunny De Beer


For the latest album of editors, A An additional band member has been addedand DJ and producer Blanc Mas. However, he is not present in the show in Paaspop. This is perhaps one reason why so many older works appear at the beginning of the collection. With the exception of the new “Heart Attack”, the band draws mainly from the first two albums. This creates appreciation and joy among the audience in attendance. “Sugar” is one of those songs that fans sing along and it feels like the experience is coming from their toes. The fiery audience is fueled by the flames rising from the stage.

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This fire seems less present in the band itself. Interaction with the audience is short or absent. We have to basically settle for “Netherlands” or “Easter doll”. Tom Smith's voice is good. All notes are struck flawlessly and the distinct layers appear well. The fun is there too, as can be seen by exchanging a few glances and smiles. But for the audience this is exactly what is missing. This means that performance doesn't come off as good after the first few rows, which is unfortunate.

Photo: Brian van Heijningen/Vestelix

Oceans of space

When the editors start the set, there is enough room in the back of the Apollo to hold a 100-meter sprint competition. There are hardly any obstacles. This gets worse during the performance: the tent becomes emptier. We put the money on the line. During the last “papillon” it was possible to walk from the back of the tent canvas to the front parapet in half a minute. A distance of almost 100 meters you cover in the blink of an eye while leading.

This may be why there seems to be less passion among editors. The band have to watch the tent empty, as they perform their cartload of songs including 'Munich', 'An End Has A Start' and 'A Ton Of Love' in excellent fashion. There's also no shortage of display items. During “Racing Rats” there is a rain of stars, during “Sugar” there is a fire and after the acoustic beginning of “Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors” confetti explodes.

Photo: Sunny De Beer


This raises the question of whether Editors is the ideal title for Paaspop. They have the hits, live performance and energy. However, they are unable to complete a tent at a festival with so much atmosphere and so much competition. Then Paaspop 2024 doesn't seem like the right place for them. Let's hope the band and festival director realize this too, so next time the editors can deliver a perfect performance at a Dutch festival. We created Bravo in Lowlands or A Sunset aperture On Down The Rabbit Hole's best kept secret.

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