This is the RTL Make Up Your Mind raffle winner |  show

This is the RTL Make Up Your Mind raffle winner | show

Soy Crohn is the winner of Arrange your thoughts and decide, the RTL 4 program in which famous Dutchmen turn into drag queens. In the final, the 26-year-old music actor defeated four competitors.

In a drag show, Kroon stole the show as Dee Dee Sky. “I sank completely to the end,” Kron said after his win. ,, I had to search for a long time for the key to do it.” The actor wondered if the post was “cool.” “I think it’s really cool to be so weak. This is the reason for my participation.”

It’s now raining down reactions to the crown’s profit. Many of the actor’s followers even stated that they were surprised when Crohn revealed himself. “I didn’t think it was you” and “You were really cool. I wouldn’t think it was you, so cool,” read some of the comments.

Crohn’s can also count on many compliments. Many fans wrote in his Instagram message: “You did a great job,” “You were very good,” and “You were great.”

Frick Bartels (Tele Turner), Dan Karate (Kiki Diamonds), Jamie Loman (Jussie Andrews) and Juffatt Stendorp (Alexis Starr) reveal their true identities in the show’s finale. Jan Slagter gave a performance as a mysterious guest at the end of the show.

Dutch celebrities

at Arrange your thoughts and decide Two teams led by Fred van Leer and Nikki de Jäger have to guess who is behind the famous Dutch makeup. The program is presented by Carlo Bouchard and designed by his partner, Herald Adolfs.

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With the win, Crone followed in the footsteps of Barry Atsma, who was the first winner of the raffle show. The first “season” consisted of only one episode. The back contains five episodes and twenty Dutch famous people who co-titled Make Up Your Mind 2022.

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