Removing the decor of the Hollandia Hotel into a TV graveyard: 'Striking' |  RTL Street

Removing the decor of the Hollandia Hotel into a TV graveyard: 'Striking' | RTL Street

The set of the NPO program “Hotel Hollandia” was spotted by Rob Goossens (33 years old) and Luke Ikink (41 years old), and not in a TV studio… The duo found set pieces from the show in the garbage with the word “throw it away” on it. They say this On The BLVD Podcast.

“This was the new Copspeakers. Well, it wasn't.”

Rob and Luke take on the 'TV Graveyard' this week, and Rob debuts the latest episode of The BLVD Podcast. “We saw some kind of empty space near a large warehouse,” Luke continues. “All kinds of collections were lifted up there using wheelbarrows. They were placed there, ready to be disposed of.”

The decor in question was from the Paul de Leeuw programme Holland HotelRob soon found out. He knows that set pieces aren't just thrown away. Usually it is stored in a cellar. But when it becomes full, decisions must be made about which pieces to store. Then there are two possibilities. “One could, of course, be: We'll build a new set. But sets are expensive, so that doesn't actually happen very often. The other is more obvious: The program will simply never come back.”

If the latter is the case, Rob finds it “cool.” “It was the big announcement in the nonprofit's presentation in the fall. It's a program they had very high expectations for. This will be the new Head nails Become. Well, that's not what happened.” Luke noted that the program's set pieces also saw a very large “throw-away”.

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Not only (decoration) Holland Hotel He was buried in the Television Cemetery. “Avastar “He was also among them,” Rob says. “And also from Talpa: Think inside the box. That was with Richard Groenendijk. Then there was someone in the box and you had to guess who it was.” And so was the decor of the game show Litrix It was on the big pile to be disposed of, according to Rob.

Listen to the BLVD podcast below.

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