Red’s identity is revealed in the final season of The Blacklist

Red’s identity is revealed in the final season of The Blacklist

The director receives a question on Instagram and then deletes her answer.

We previously wrote about the true identity of Raymond “Red” Reddington in the crime series Black list. Director Kristen G answered a fan’s question about it on Instagram.

This was in response to an Insta post April 24th. Ji posted photos online of the location they were filming at at the time.

Indirect confirmation

When asked if Black list This great mystery will be revealed, Ji answered the following: “If you have listened carefully to the hints that Red has dropped, then you already know the answer. In the last episode there is a conversation in which this answer will be indirectly confirmed.”.

Gee’s answer has since been removed, but that was after Screen Rant actually quoted it. The most popular theory is that Reed is the father of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). He took over the identity of Raymond Reddington from someone who already had that name.

satisfactory lock

Liz has since died and for the other characters this question is less important. For viewers, of course, things are different. If the series ended without this answer, many would find it unsatisfying. Given that Gee deleted some of the phrases from her Insta, we can assume that the mystery will actually unravel in the final season of this crime series.

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