Esmee’s break while reuniting with ex job: ‘I thought we’d grow old together’

Job and Esmee can’t be beat apart from each other while on the love show. So it is not surprising that they do this Love Island even beat. After their adventure on the island, the two soon decide to live together. In retrospect, it turns out that that wasn’t smart. “I was really, really in love with him. But we got on a kind of express train: living together too quickly, too quickly. And at a certain point, the feeling on his part became less, ”says Esmee Eating with my ex.

Even though Job is crazy about Esmee, she doesn’t get butterflies in his stomach anymore, ending their relationship. During dinner, the reality star breaks down when she muses about the breakup. “For me you really were the love of my life. I really thought I was going to grow old with you. I say that very honestly.”

However, Job does not seem to have forgotten his ex-wife: “I never forgot you as a person. I often thought of you. I may not have offered it to you.” Esme is glad to hear that. “I was really worried about that. I swear.”

Meanwhile, Esmee is happily in love again. She is busy dating someone else Love IslandWinner: Casper.

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