Puck Moonen found a friend on the 'most unique dating app': 'many pretentious people' |  Displays

Puck Moonen found a friend on the 'most unique dating app': 'many pretentious people' | Displays

Cyclist and influencer Book Moonen, 27, celebrates one year together with boyfriend Callan O'Keefe this week. In a series of photos, she recalls his special actions on New Year's Eve and reveals the adorable app through which they met.

“The new year also means it's been exactly one year since the stranger I met on a dating app flew to Barcelona to celebrate New Year's Eve with me,” Monin wrote to her 792,000 Instagram followers. “It wasn't a catfish,” she says. A joke, or someone pretending to be someone else online. “And we are here now.” She shares ten romantic photos, most of them from tropical locations. “The first in many years,” O’Keefe answers.

The businessman and former racing driver had “won” with Monin as a girlfriend, one person wrote in a comment that received several hundred likes. The influencer joined the men's magazine in 2017 FHM Voted as the most beautiful athlete in the Netherlands. “It sure did,” O'Keefe replies. But: “I won too!” Monin writes. Looking at this success story, another wonders which dating app she used.

A very exclusive application

It's about Raya, “the world's most unique dating app” according to Newspaper It is often called “Tinder for Illuminati”. Anyone can download the app, which launched in 2015, but less than 10 percent of those registered are accepted, according to The New Yorker. The company expected to obtain the millionth registration in 2021, but only the “elite” could enter. Most people accepted come through a current member.

A committee decides your fate, including consideration of your online behavior. If you put ugly things on the X, you can forget about it. The decision sometimes takes months. Many international stars are said to be or have been on the app, including Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum, John Mayer, Cara Delevingne and Drew Barrymore.

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Puck finds a “diamond”

It's a rare place on the Internet because you can be absolutely sure that people are who they say they are and that misconduct is punished immediately. This was achieved only by “excluding almost everyone,” he wrote. The New Yorker. Once you have a profile, it's best to say nothing about it. If you take screenshots, write too many X's about the app, or mention other members you've seen, you may be banned.

Although people also use the app as a business network, Puck Moonen found it love. “I had to navigate through a lot of pretentious people,” she writes. “But I found the absolute diamond.” Monin previously had a relationship with Belgian cyclist Elie Iserbyt for about four years. She lived with him in Belgium. After the breakup, she moved in with her parents and later reunited with former BMX world champion Tuan van Gendt and bought a house with him.

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