Gordon marries with great love: I can’t stop crying

Gordon’s boyfriend Gavin got down on his knees in front of the singer during their trip to the Maldives. Gordon didn’t see it coming at all. “Yesterday against all my expectations my boyfriend got down on his knees to propose to me and now all I can say is yes,” he wrote in a video of the proposal. According to him, Gavin has everything he looks for in a man: ‘In everything he knows how to strike the right chord with me and give me the love I’ve been craving. (…]I can’t explain how I feel and I can’t stop crying with happiness and joy.

Although the singer’s love life hasn’t always been rosy, Gordon is thankful that it turned out that way. “After years of being single, he’s now with Gavin. I had to wait a long time and get her from afar, but it was all worth it. He makes me forget all the pain of the past and all my frantic failed attempts pales in comparison to the way he makes me see and feel how I should be.” Be that as it may, marrying Gavin has another advantage, because Gordon has now also gotten rid of his last name “Hickroth”: “Mr. Gordon Rosario sounds so much better ha-ha-ha-ha.”

Gordon is also grateful that he has given this love so much. “I also find it heartwarming that you have collectively informed me in recent weeks how much I deserve this and that you give me this. I can’t explain what this means to me and my friend who also let you know how welcome it is.

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