Pub hopes with hurricane … # 10: America is here (with video)

Pub Hope with Hurricane T … # 10: America is here (with video)

Mark Rutte said it himself, the terraces may reopen in April… Let’s be honest: we can’t wait. We are already creating a wishlist. Where will we sit on the terrace from April (if Mark allows)?

We like to arrange weekly hurricane readers to drink, each time in a different place in the John region. The question is of course whether it is possible, but it is always possible to make a list. Hope the pub is crawling, Pub Hope …

Today’s edition is slightly different from the previous edition: a new cafe will be built on the site of the Cafe de Blave Laundry, we made a short video of it:

Do you long for a terrace and your local cafe? Send a text to de oregano about your favorite hangout, why should that terrace (or cafe) reopen so soon? (Photography may be helpful, but otherwise we will take care of it.)

Today: Eitkoff America Here, Nர்டrtergestrad 9, Jantam

We heard that Chandel Geistorfer was back on the bar. Now here in the United States, but of course it was De Blave Lantern, his parents’ cafe and our house. I have been there since I was fourteen, so I shared joys and sorrows there. It was actually my second family, so I knew very well that Chandel would be behind the bar again and of course I plan to have a drink there again. So who will stay with the kids and who will fight back in N நூrterkestrad!
Congratulations Linda and Marcel

Send a text about your favorite cafe to de Orcon or leave a comment below.

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