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Now that President Biden Trump has lifted some of his restrictions, thousands of refugees are fleeing to the United States. U.S. law stipulates that they are mainly children because they are properly cared for as refugees, which is pending a residence permit. John and Bernard looked on in amazement at the confusion that arose.


# 68 Boundary Cases

Biden halted construction of the wall and was engaged in the task of reuniting thousands of children with divorced parents. He ordered the staff to provide food and medical supplies for the shelter, and resumed the practice of looking for relatives, volunteers or guardians to look after the children when they arrived. Republicans, of course Anger, Governor of Texas Abbott is prime.


Biden keeps his eyes tight on the ball. His highest priority is the fight against Corona. John and Bernard wonder if he can keep his promises: everyone has at least one first shot before May 1, and then Fourth of July, National holiday, more or less a return to normal life. “Have a barbecue with the family,” Biden says. To do that, he has purchased a number of vaccines, part of which he hopes to be able to donate overseas. Polls show this energetic approach is gaining a lot of support, and he still thinks he stole the election from Republicans.


No, well, not again ?! Yes, it can happen. Not for Donald Trump, But against Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York. He not only damaged the number of corona victims – among other things, by sending sick elderly people to hospitals, they died. He accused #MeToo of abuse and many women have been released from prison. The Democratic leadership is urging him to step down and lead Deputy Governor Kathy Hochl.

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