Princess Latifa asks F.K.  To re-investigate the kidnapping of her sister |  Entertainment

Princess Latifa asks F.K. To re-investigate the kidnapping of her sister | Entertainment

The two princesses were reportedly repatriated from abroad against their will. Latifa had previously sent out a cry for help via leaked video messages. She said she was detained in a villa on the orders of her father and feared for her life.

Latifa’s friends also reportedly delivered a handwritten letter from 2019 to British authorities on Wednesday. In the text, the princess asks for attention to her sister’s fate. She was kidnapped in the UK more than twenty years ago, according to a British judge on behalf of her father.


Princess Latifa wrote to the British authorities: “All I ask of you is to pay attention to this matter, please.” Then she can regain her freedom.

Princess Shamsa Al Maktoum spent part of her childhood in the United Kingdom. She wrote to her cousin in 1999, frustrated that her father had not allowed her to go to university. He didn’t even ask me what I wanted. The princess said, according to the BBC, he said, “No.” She ran away from her family’s property in Surrey, England after a year.


Shamsa’s trip did not last long. Her father’s team found her in Cambridge in 2000. She is said to have flown to France by helicopter and then to Dubai by private plane. Latifa wrote that her sister had been held there for eight years and then drugged with tablets. “This made her like a zombie.”

British police also launched an investigation at the time, but that did not lead to anything. An informant was allowed to speak to Shamsa over the phone, but was subsequently denied permission to go to Dubai to pursue investigations.

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