Eva Jinek Presents Alcohol-Free Talk Show Season |  Entertainment

Eva Jinek Presents Alcohol-Free Talk Show Season | Entertainment

She wrote: “I often read non-alcoholic talk shows in season, because I’m Czechs and we see beer as a kind of elixir of life.” “This only compares badly to falling asleep at 2.30 am and waking up again at 7.30 am due to the presence of a child and the range of talk-show applications and reviews. This is why it is good to cut out drinks, no matter how enjoyable a drink is after a broadcast.”

when Eva She lost her motivation, looking online for before and after pictures of leaving the bottle. “One look at people who look great best when they stop working is often enough to stop any doubts.”

Eve hopes for a miracle every time she stops drinking for a while. “Every time I stop thinking: My GodTomorrow I wake up, run a marathon, 5 kilograms lighter and hop effortlessly through the flaming hoops. This is not the case, and I know after one season without alcohol. ”But there are positive aspects also according to the presenter.“ It improves your complexion and you no longer have to spend time deciding whether or not to join the drink when someone opens a bottle. But first of all: if you have a Cluster For all sorts of problems at the same time, it is much easier to identify and oversee. “

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