Princess Beatrix appears with a walking cane in The Hague: it looks like she got it wrong |  Displays

Princess Beatrix appears with a walking cane in The Hague: it looks like she got it wrong | Displays

Princess Beatrix appeared on Saturday, carrying a walking cane, at the opening of the Voorhout Monumental sculpture exhibition in The Hague. The government information service said that was because the 85-year-old princess had gone wrong earlier this week.

The 85-year-old princess did not appear in public for the first time on Friday. A version with tulips, from Ninee’s brand of hip walking cane, also came out of the closet in 2016.

Beatrix said she has been walking with a cane since Thursday. But that didn’t seem to bother her on Friday when she was also shown with the instrument at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This year the museum celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. Beatrix received a wallflower in the capital for her jubilee.

Fifty years ago, her mother, Queen Juliana, received the same flower at the opening, a reference to one of Vincent van Gogh’s famous paintings. After the delivery, the Princess took a tour of the Van Gogh Anniversary Exhibition in Auvers.

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Princess Beatrix leaving the Van Gogh Museum. © ANP

On Saturday, Beatrix opened the second edition of the Voorhout Monumental outdoor exhibition on Lange Voorhout in The Hague, organized by Studio Pulcheri. The princess is patron of the Society of Artists and the Contemporary Art Gallery.

The Princess received the first copy of the catalog of the Voorhout Memorial Gallery in The Hague. With this, the exhibition was officially opened. In total, more than two dozen sculptures and installations can be seen in the Museum Quarter. In addition, there are a few sculptures in Kloosterkerk and paintings, sculptures and video works are on display at Pulchri Studio.

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After the opening, Princess Beatrix was given a tour of the works at Lange Voorhout, in the Kloosterkerk and in the garden of the Pulchri Studio. The princess also spoke to a number of artists who explained their artwork. Then the princess spoke with the curators.

The theme of the sculpture fair in 2021 was freedom. “Amidst all kinds of restrictive measures as a result of the pandemic, the need for freedom could not be greater,” writes the Pulchri Studio website. For this edition during the summer months of 2023, the Louis Couperous Artists Association and the year of M.C. Escher reflect. The exhibition can be viewed for free until August 20.


The House of Orphemius describes the fact that Princess Beatrix came to open the exhibition as a boost. “She is the patron of Pulchri Studio, who is also a visual artist and has tremendous knowledge,” he says. “Her arrival proves that there is something really special about Lange Voorhout. We hope that this will also reach The Hague municipality and the sculpture exhibition will once again get the attention it deserves.”

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