Oerlemansjes witnessed his last ‘weekend’ in a villa of 60 million inhabitants: ‘Forever Memories’ |  to watch

Oerlemansjes witnessed his last ‘weekend’ in a villa of 60 million inhabitants: ‘Forever Memories’ | to watch

For five years, the Oerlemans family managed to enjoy their stay in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world. Danielle Orlemans previously described her family as “privileged” so they could enjoy plenty of space in the spacious villa, which overlooks the local country club with a golf course. And the space is there: the 3,065 square meter townhouse includes nine bedrooms, a sports court, a spa with sauna and hammam, an indoor pool, an outdoor infinity pool with a waterfall, a cinema, a gym and a music studio.

In 2015, the family bought the property for 22 million euros. Then Danielle was busy with restoration. “I spent four years renovating our home, from managing contractors to everything related to the interior and the garden,” she said in an interview with This Site last November. I was there from early morning until late at night.”

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Then she also said that the family had a cottage near Museum Square in Amsterdam. So that their children – Thijmen (19), Finney (16), Benjamin (14) and Catelyn (11) -) have a permanent place in the Netherlands. “I will now remotely renovate this house. Thanks Reinout, another new project!” I then joked. Danielle also explained: “When the kids fly, I don’t know where they’ll end up. But my husband and I like to keep splitting our time between America and Holland, where our whole family is. Then we’ll at least spend the summer holidays and Christmas there. Sometimes I miss the Dutch seasons, Especially now that fall is here with you. It’s always warm in Los Angeles.”

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The Los Angeles villa was sold earlier than expected, and that’s pretty obvious. The Weeknd sold his house to Madonna and was looking for a new place. Then the brokers contacted Reinout and Daniëlle and they did not respond immediately. But in the end a deal worth 70 million dollars (about 60 million euros) was concluded. It is still not clear if the family is looking for a new place in an expensive residential area.

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