Prince Harry accuses William of shouting: 'terrifying'

Prince Harry accuses William of shouting: ‘terrifying’

“I went into that meeting with the same proposal we had already made publicly, to resign our titles,” says Harry. “When I got there, I was given five options. Number one was all in, nothing changed, and number five was out, which we just left.”

Harry says he chose the “third option”. “Half in, half out. We’ll have our own jobs, but we’ll also work to support the Queen.”

According to Harry, it quickly becomes clear that his idea is “not up for discussion”. With this statement, Harry seemed to be hinting that there were only two options: all-in or all-in. Harry describes William as “terrifying” that William would have yelled at him.

Harry also accuses his older brother’s communications team of deliberately “leaking” stories about him and Meghan to the media. However, Harry hints that his older brother did this to prevent stories about William and Catherine from emerging.

Harry calls it a “dirty game”. “I have 30 years behind the scenes and I know how this system works. You know there are leaks and plant stories. If the communications team wants to avoid a negative story, they’ll trade that in and give you something about another royal,” Harry explains. “In the end, communication teams work against each other.”

The younger of the two brothers claims that he and William promised each other not to do this to each other. “I’d rather be trashed in the press than join this game or this business,” Harry says in the documentary. “Seeing my brother’s office do exactly what we promised each other we wouldn’t do was heartbreaking.” Harry does not provide concrete examples of such cases in the documentary.

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Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace do not comment on the latest three episodes. Many British media and royalty watchers have reported this.

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